Engage an Adword Management Company for an Effective Campaign

Adwords Agency Expertise Ensures an Effective Campaign

Several businesses are investing a considerable Google Adwords budget with their Web Design Agency or Digital Agency. The campaigns often lack the transparency and expertise leading to an ineffective campaign that fails to deliver an ROI.

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Google AdWords Audit

The first step towards making maximum effective use of Google AdWords’ proven capabilities, is to undertake a thorough audit assessment of your current situation. This can cover key areas such as how demographics are used and campaigns are then being built, keywords chosen; and then how effective such choices and their use has proved to be. This process can identify the most common gaps in Adwords campaigns (see below)  and the vital response currently gained - and opportunities missed. Our Digital Rescue team has experience of conducting more than four thousand digital online audits across a huge range of business or organisational sectors.

Google AdWords Management

Managing the effective use of Google AdWords campaigns and activities builds upon the information gained in the audit. Understanding the search system, making sure that conversion tracking is delivering as it should, appreciating how the use of specific landing pages can invigorate the process - and many other tasks, helps to craft the AdWords usage that your business can best respond to. With our own superb Google Rating, and a raft of satisfied clients (as evidenced by our portfolio page), we certainly understand how Google adWords can be a truly effective tool in your digital marketing activities.

5 Most Common Adwords Campaign Gaps

You may be paying for:

Phrases that are simply too broad or generic to gain any significant results


Poorly timed campaigns or ones judged on CPC rather than CPL


A failure to harness a vital local marketplace or key business sector


A lack of call tracking or follow-up remarketing to capitalise on initial site visitors


Poor transparency in your Adwords Campaign by your current Digital Agency


How Digital Rescue Can Turn The Situation Around

If any of the above areas cause you concern, or if you simply aren’t fully convinced that your Google Adwords spend is gaining the returns it should, it’s time to call in our expert team. Many of Australia’s most recognisable names already trust us to bridge the gaps between current and desired Adwords performance.

Our comprehensive assessment and action plan investigates key areas such as:

  • The structure and organisation of your campaigns to examine the level of consistency and logical thinking in their design
  • A detailed analysis of keywords choice and subsequent usage
  • Geographic and demographic analysis of current and potential keyword targets
  • The relevance the search system is placing on your current keyword choices
  • The level of cost per click response compared to the funds invested in the process
  • How effectively your conversion tracking setup is operating and investigating any point where damaging leakage can occur
  • Testing processes to ensure ad optimisation
  • The use of any site extensions made available by Adwords
  • Ensuring landing pages maximise on Adwords prospect delivery

SEM Strategy Director:

Matthew Belcher

Matthew Belcher completed a BA in Business Marketing at Monash University in 1997.

In 1998 he joined Sphere Digital in Sydney and for 17 years has been at the forefront of Online Marketing in Australia. In 2002 Matthew joined Decide Interactive specialising in Search Engine Marketing and ROI strategy. While at Decide Interactive (now Group M) Matthew was the 1st marketer to introduce variable based CPC pricing to the Australian market. Matthew was also the 1st marketer to undertake a Search Campaign for the Australian Federal Government creating an International Multi Lingual campaign in 5 languages for A.Q.I.S. Quarantine Matters.

Adwords Management Agency

Since leaving Decide Interactive, Matthew has held a number of Senior Search and online rolls with the likes of Redballoon, Infiniti Telecommunications and the Network Group as well as running the New Media department for NeoPurple.

Matthew has attended the SMX conference (Search Marketing Expo) 6 times in the last 8 years, completing Brad Geddes’ Certified Knowledge Advanced Adwords Training 2013 & 14. In 2015 Matthew attended SMX Advanced PPC Workshop with Frederick Vallaeys. Specialties: Google Adwords (16 years), SEO, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Site Design, Conversion Optimisation and Usability.

Current and Past Clients Include:

Lava Life
Priceline Pharmacy
Wizard Home Loans
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