Attract - Engage - Convert:

The Simple Mantra for an Effective Business Website

A website design audit is a periodical must action point for any business that values its website as a lead generating asset.

All advertising mediums must achieve these three objectives to drive success. First, attract the maximum number of qualified prospective customers each at varying stages of their buying process. Second, engage them through persuasive content that increases their willingness to buy. Finally, move them into action as eager buyers. Does your website achieve this better than your competition? Is it time for a website audit?

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Website Review

Many websites we review (and our Digital Rescue experts have already carried out detailed analysis across more than four thousand of them) may have been fit for purpose when initially created. But potential customers now look for fluid, swift and responsive content - and for it to be perfectly delivered across a range of mobile and other devices. Your website must continue to attract the right potential customers, quickly engage with them on their terms, and deliver a high level of conversion into the desired action. You'll discover five helpful, key, questions to ask about your business website below.

Website Strategy

The saying ‘content is king’ is often heard regarding business websites. But this is only true if an effective website strategy has been created and then actioned. This must help achieve your key goals, and behave with a consistency of purpose, and in a way that both you and your customers wish it to. The SEO content can only attract if it speaks to the right people, at the right time, and is clearly and engagingly telling them what they want to know - and how to gain the outcomes they wish.


Vital Questions to Ask About Your Website

Here are the key questions that help clearly identify how your web presence might be damaging your business:

Does its image both accurately reflect your company and outshine those of your key competitors?


Is it utilising industry-leading practices to convert visitors into business?


How well does the content comply with up-to-date SEO best practices?


Does it perform effectively when accessed by desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile?


How successfully has it achieved a consistent organic presence?


Unless you are entirely satisfied with your answers to each of these vital questions… it is time to call our Web Design Agency Digital Rescue for a website audit. Through in-depth analysis and professional assessment, our team will deliver an action plan that will:

  • Start by truly understanding your offline business – its goals, strategies, beliefs and behaviours
  • Then deliver a design premise that takes your business into its marketplace with an assured, relevant and high-profile presence
  • Create a high-yield intensive, but reader-friendly conversion SEO content strategy to attract, engage and convert
  • Maximise your Google Adwords activities through the use of proven and compliant practices, married to ahead-of-the-game strategies.

Turning that Bland or Destructive Website into a Powerful Lead Generating Asset

Each day many companies lose thousands of dollars of available revenue, fail to capture potential customers they will never even know existed, and fall further into their own digital web disaster zone. Make sure this isn’t you by contacting our team now. We’ll call you to set up an obligation-free discussion and, from there, start the process of discovering what your optimal web presence should be…