eCommerce Web Design Agency

 with a Sales Focus

eCommerce Website Design projects commence with a detailed brief to identify the online goals and objectives of  your website. Key considerations critical to the success of any eCommerce Website Design by Digital Rescue include:

  • SEO History and therefore rankings that need to be protected.
  • An understanding of the priority buying phrases that have been targeted to date and identification of additional keyword opportunities that can cater to a wider buyer market and therefore sales.
  • An intimate understanding of the key unique selling propositions of the product and the service on offer and identifying the strongest language and placement of these to help build trust and increase conversions.

WooCommerce Web Design

Why we choose it over other content management systems

With over 12 years experience in website design, development and online marketing, we’ve experienced several eCommerce website content management systems including many highly powerful proprietary content management systems. The years have earned our team some gray hairs along the way, but importantly it provided us with excellent insights into which websites tick the box not only for our design, development and online marketing needs, but also addressed the needs of business owners core requirements of ownership, scale, flexibility, autonomy and continuity. There had to be a conclusive and compelling reason why WooCommerce is the world’s favourite eCommerce solution and runs in excess of 30% market dominance of e-commerce websites globally.

What is WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large businesses and is popular for its simplicity to install and customise products on its platform. The most compelling reason for its dominance among other competing ecommerce web design platform is that it provides store owners and developers full control and ownership to modify and update their website without any major restrictions. Our experience also points to the fact that unlike Shopify and many other privately owned or licenced Content Management Systems, WooCommerce sites grant SEO Agencies full FTP access that plays an important part of being able to action specific SEO tasks to deliver the strongest possible organic results.

WooCommerce Integrations

From accounting and payments, to marketing and shipping, WooCommerce has a full range of integrations to make your business run smoothly and improve productivity.

WooCommerce Features

eCommerce Website Design through our recommended WooCommerce Web Development solution presents a large array of opportunities to both enhance the user experience as well as assist eCommerce businesses to maximise their internal operational efficiencies and productivity. Some of the key features of WooCommerce include:

01 Full product catalogue

Full product catalogue

02 Site Wide Search

Site Wide Search

03 Advanced Product Sitewide Search

Advanced Product Sitewide Search

04 Bulk Uploading

Bulk Uploading – Categories, Products and Images

05 Multiple Product Images

Multiple Product Images

06 Bulk Import and Export

Bulk Import and Export

07 Unique Product IDs

Unique Product IDs

08 Full CMS functionality

Full CMS functionality

09 Single-page checkout

Single-page checkout

10 Email or Printable Invoices

Email or Printable Invoices

11 Promotional Tools

Promotional Tools  

12 Custom Shipping Methods

Custom Shipping Methods

13 Guest Checkout

Guest Checkout

14 Customisable Tax Calculation

Customisable Tax Calculation

15 User sign-up and unique login account

User sign-up and unique login account

16 Retail and Wholesale Trade Prices

Retail and Wholesale Trade Prices

17 Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple Payment Gateways

PayPal, eWay, Securepay, Westpac Gateway

18 Agree to Term Before Ordering

Agree to Term Before Ordering

19 Ability to Set Minimum Order Amount

Ability to Set Minimum Order Amount

20 Marketing features

Marketing features including Promo Codes, Discounts, Best Sellers Area

21 Wish Lists

Wish Lists

19 Ability to Set Minimum Order Amount

Ability to Set Minimum Order Amount

23 Inventory Control

Inventory Control with Alerts and Reporting

24 Low Stock Notifications

Low Stock Notifications

25 SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URLs

eCommerce Website Design & Development Process

eCommerce Website Design requires a considerable investment of time towards research, strategy and consulting ahead of a flawless delivery. The team at Digital Rescue works closely with you to help develop a comprehensive brief that is aligned towards your business and online goals. Highlighted below is a summary level of some of the steps that contribute towards a successful eCommerce Website Design.

Step 1


Digital Rescue invests the time ahead of undertaking your web project to learn more about your business, its offerings and desired goals and objectives. Understanding your target audience and customer profile is also a critical component of the discovery phase, ensuring your WooCommerce website is created for both the end user, whilst fulfilling your business needs.

Step 2


Industry research is key to establishing the foundation for your eCommerce website.

Digital Rescue will undertake a competitor analysis and identify industry related trends, with view of bringing to the fore your unique selling propositions (USP’s) and trust factors via compelling statistics. We will determine additional website engagement and conversion opportunities, and as a final component of the research process, identify, capture and report on any existing organic SEO rankings and traffic to be protected if undertaking a redesign of your current eCommerce website.

Step 3


Our planning phase begins with a content audit of your existing eCommerce website (if applicable), to identify gaps and opportunities. A comprehensive sitemap content plan is then devised to align online objectives and to assist in developing a content brief that benchmarks industry competitors including:

  • Content Topics
  • Headings, Subheading Length
  • No of Keyword Mentions Site Wide
  • Content Project Management or Commissioning
  • Sitemap Hierarchy & Sitemap Consolidation Opportunities

Step 4


A comprehensive design and development brief is created to ensure all aspects that have been unearthed during the Discover, Research and Plan stages are incorporated. Our design team begin the design phase with an understanding of your brand voice and business objectives, and present an initial design draft based on these considerations. Usability, trust factors, user journey and functionality are key elements that are factored into the initial design concept, ensuring your new eCommerce website represents your brand flawlessly.

Step 5


The next stage sees the design come to life with meticulous attention to detail from the Digital Rescue development team. User experience, conversion opportunities and eCommerce integrations are implemented ensuring that as soon as you launch, your fully functioning website can operate from day dot.

Step 6


Ahead of launching your new website the Digital Rescue team undertake the following checks and test to ensure:

  • Cross Browser and Cross Device Compatibility
  • Forms Sitewide are Working & Correctly Configured
  • Shopping Cart & Payment Gateways are Fully Operational

Step 7


Once your new eCommerce website is launched, our team conduct tests to ensure the eCommerce payment gateway and other enquiry forms work well. Our team keep communication channels open with you to ensure a smooth handover takes place, especially during those early few weeks when support is even more important with a new website. Importantly Digital Rescue also offers a remote training session to you and the team to help you make changes as required. Our team also offer adhoc design and maintenance support as well as a fixed monthly fee billing for set hours for clients that need several hours of support each month as they are time poor.

eCommerce Web Design FAQs

Do you provide eCommerce Website Design nationally?

While we’re a Melbourne based eCommerce Web Design Agency we work with clients across all major cities in Australia including Sydney | Brisbane | Adelaide | Perth. In the digital age we live in we’re fortunate to be able to communicate with our clients through all major modes including Phone | Skype | Screen Share tools | Feedback Tools including Invision App etc ensuring the distance between our office locations and time zones do not pose any restrictions to a productive project, backed by strong customer service and communication.

What is the cost of an eCommerce Website?

The price of an eCommerce site is a considerable investment of planning, time and project management when compared to simpler WordPress Brochure websites. The industry average for an eCommerce website by reputable agencies is $15,000+ . Various additional statement of work line items may contribute to a higher investment price range include

  • SEO Considerations including Keyword Research, Content Writing and Project Management, SEO Migration
  • Sitemap Hierarchy Planning & Content Consolidation
  • Conversion Design Considerations
  • Plugin Integrations (Shipping Calculator | Shipping Fulfillment Inventory & Stock Management | Accounting & POS | CRM )
  • Number of products

To obtain a more accurate cost estimate of your project simply get in touch today.

Can we self manage our eCommerce Website when it goes live?

Digital Rescue provides all of its customers full rights over the ownership and management of their eCommerce Website.

Do you provide WooCommerce Website Training?

Yes, when the site is live we provide remote training to our clients ensuring they are equipped to manage changes in the future with immediacy.

How long does an eCommerce Website Design project take?

Several factors play a part on how soon a new eCommerce Website Design project will take to be live. Some of the main contributing factors include:

  • Supply of final content & volume of content
  • Supply of final digital assets including images, videos, chart, graphs
  • Efficiency which Digital Rescue receive design and development feedback

Often a typical eCommerce Website Design project can take between 10-12 weeks to complete and go live.

 Can Digital Rescue help our business with Online Marketing?

Yes. Digital Rescue is part of the same passionate group of staff and experts as our sister brand a proven SEO and Google Ads Management Agency since 2007. Our knowledge in this space in fact positions us in excellent stead to deliver purpose drive eCommerce Website Design that is planned meticulously with SEO and High Conversion considerations in mind from the outset. This translates to business growth for your business once the new website is live. Most importantly, Digital Rescue is the go to agency when there is a strong organic presence to protect as the new website launches. This highly detailed strategy and delivery is what sets us apart from many agencies who throw claims around to understand SEO in a website build. Since 2007 we continue to see businesses hard earned organic rankings vanish, business leads and the phone going dead as a result of engaging website agencies that simply lack the expertise to plan and protect organic rankings & traffic.

Does Digital Rescue provide eCommerce Website Hosting?

Yes. The ideal scenario is for our team to host your website with our eCommerce Hosting plan which includes SSL Certificate to aid the security of your site, daily backups, plugin management, security management and hosting the site via an Australian Data Centre. These features ensure you have a one stop relationship but also protect and minimise the risk of your website against any potential hacking attempts.

What makes an effective eCommerce Website?

Several features and components contribute to the success of an eCommerce Website Design. This includes

  • SEO: Compliance with Search Engine Optimisation tasks including content strategy (keyword research and content writing), meta data across the website that is aligned to the buyer intent phrases sought to be ranked on Google.
  • Speed: Website Hosting Speed & Site Speed: A fast loading website with excellent hosting plan and uptime contributes to a stronger user experience and is also a Google Ranking factor.
  • Mobile Friendly: Website Design and Development that adheres to Multiple Mobile Device Friendliness and compatibility. Same applies for cross browser compatibility.
  • Integrations: WooCommerce has countless integrations that assists businesses reduce manual handling tasks and improve their internal productivity and enhance their conversions.

Does Digital Rescue provide a Website Maintenance Plan for future ongoing changes?

Yes, Digital Rescue understands that many businesses may not have the skills, time or resources to maintain and update their eCommerce Website. We offer ad hoc support quotes to cater for clients that do not have ongoing tasks and also provide a monthly maintenance plan to support clients that need a good ongoing response time for ongoing tasks and website changes. These include changes such as add new content pages, add new products, add updated news and blog posts etc.