A Sad Truth Revealed: Most SEO Agencies Fail to Deliver

This could be the headline from many SEO Audit reports we’ve completed. When companies are offered quick results with guarantees, it can seem like a no-brainer to go for it. Sadly, as Google often confirms: “No-one can guarantee a number one placement on Google Search”. Simply short-term fixes come with ongoing consequences – including revenue draining long-term contracts and even the imposition of business-harming penalties.

What a Genuine SEO Audit from Digital Rescue will Deliver

To provide an honest assessment of your current SEO status and to suggest key improvement areas, our dedicated team undertake the following actions:

  • An honest assessment of gaps that require immediate attention
  • Actionable recommendations to improve both response and online presence
  • Comparison between your SEO actions and those of your competitors
  • Actions to improve your website’s ability to be found or crawled by Google
  • Creation of relevant and informative content that mirrors the phrases your potential customers will actually use when searching
  • Actions to compress images to improve your website processing speed
  • Reviewing and compressing relevant web codes
  • Creating and placing of page titles and internal links

We also consider your level and placement of directory submissions and the social media signals that can be used to demonstrate to Google that you are both an active presence and a key authority in your industry and its marketplace.

Website SEO Audit

The website SEO Audit, covering the key areas mentioned above, will be a frank assessment, carried out by our expert team who, in the last decade and more, have undertaken more than four thousand such exercises. It’s aim is to provide a clear picture of the current situation, and assess this performance compared to that of key competitors in your marketplace or industry sector. Having clarified the situation, our experts can then pair that with a series of key actions to deliver the speed and level of responsiveness demanded by today’s online audiences. A positive, forward-looking outcome delivered!

SEO Website Strategy

Developing an effective Search Engine Optimisation website strategy, one that places key pillars in place while offering the necessary fluidity to respond to today’s ever-changing marketplace, is vital to fully power any business or organisation. Otherwise, the flow of interested visitors to your website will be less than it should be - a potentially damaging and clear revenue costing situation. We always commit to practicing what we preach: as you can see from our own superb Google Rating and portfolio of completed work, our clients recognise the skill and dedication necessary to achieve a range of superbly powerful and enduring SEO outcomes.

Gearing Up for a Long-Term Battle

As we have established, quick fixes simply don’t deliver. As a responsible SEO action taker, we can create and deliver an ongoing plan that allows for a sensible level of traction as you climb the vital rankings. We also know that SEO requirements, strategies and tactics change on a constant basis – and we will help you keep ahead of the game in this challenging field.

Take The First Step

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