Did you Google to find us? Many will have located our Legal website design agency page in this way. The fact you are on this page has offered proof of the actions and talents of our dedicated experts here at Digital Rescue and those with our companion business at TopRankings. It’s thanks to their skilled use of carefully-identified key search terms and ongoing SEO that continues to attract new business leads. The very same work is extended to our Legal clients seeking to grow the bottom line of their law firm. This is achieved by appreciating how clients might find you, thoroughly understanding what they are specifically looking for, and delivering the information that matches these requirements in a user-friendly and consistent way.

There are a range of proven actions through which our expert team meets your Legal website design requirements and more. Our agency deliver on the following:

  • Conduct a deep-dive audit into your current marketplace position and identify significant gaps in potential client reach
  • Develop an intensive and consistent SEO and Adwords relationship to drive those identified leads to a website rich in key search and keyword-targeted copy

With this information at its heart, our skilled design of your website will deliver a completely-mobile, satisfyingly fast-loading, engagingly visitor-friendly and conversion-focused WordPress Growth Design custom-crafted product; rich in specific and involving calls to action. If you spend time looking at the website of many of your key competitors, you’ll appreciate how easy it is, in such a jargon rich profession, to talk in a language that confuses, or even frightens, prospective clients!

We also appreciate that financial constraints often apply. For many companies, budget limits can preclude the ongoing expense inevitably involved with TV or radio commercial campaigns. Therefore, maximising the opportunities for powerful Google exposure offers a key digital marketing growth avenue for you, using punchy SEO and Google Ad Management campaigns.

Just as it’s vital, in the legal profession, to build and hold the highest of reputations, here at Digital Rescue and Top Rankings, we always seek to operate to the same standards. For irrefutable evidence of our capabilities, you might wish to check out our portfolio page! Across Australia, many major organisations continue to trust our teams to consistently deliver.

Legal Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

We take the opportunity, at this point, to move our work with key clients to a new level. After adopting an agreed and effective website design strategy, and the subsequent development of a high conversion and SEO compliant website – Digital Rescue hands you over to our superb partner company TopRankings. There, we will develop both a forward-moving relationship and an exceptional SEO & Adwords Campaign. As you would expect, these are the actions of a company ranked on page #1 for ‘SEO Agency’!

By carefully formulated actions, these activities will position your site in a place from where it can maximise SEO responses from the range of potential clients which we have, together, previously and clearly identified. Ongoing, our Legal digital marketing agency team, continue to construct and fine-tune those vital SEO Campaigns and Google Adwords Campaign on an ongoing basis. This means that you are always seeking to take progressive steps in an environment where we both appreciate that this is key to your long-term success.

Guilty as charged yet ready to deliver

As we are sure your team does, we admit that we take pride and satisfaction from the superb Google Review ratings we achieve – and the many client referrals we gain. However, similar to the law, there may be precedences, but no two legal cases are a mirror case study of one another. So too, every client’s website requirements and respective strategy is different! To talk about yours, both as it stands now visually and as to its future potential, please contact us by using our enquiry form, or calling 1300 912 950