Digital Rescue prides itself on providing an enhanced user experience for its visitors and of course for search engines such as Google who seek an easy pathway and wayfinding experience to determine the content of every page and of course index it strongly in its search engine. This sitemap page provides a very visual birdseye overview of the respective pages contained in our website.

By doing so we are helping our new traffic prospective customers to find the respective services we offer from a top level down. For Google, the sitemap helps it send its crawlers to detect and index Digital Rescue’s website and all of its internal pages so that we continue to be found by our prospective clients that seek our services.

As you can see from the sitemap hyperlinks, Digital Rescue, a Web Design Agency in Melbourne provides its Australia wide clients a range of services including Custom Website WordPress Design and eCommerce Website Design and Development. Our services also include many important audits including Website Audit, Google Ads Audit and SEO Audit. Each form the important steps to identify the gaps in your visual and online marketing presence which we can then assist your business bridge these respective gaps and provide insights into how we can improve your bottom line - online.