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Are you struggling to get new leads and build lasting, sustainable growth? A Website Content Audit from Digital Rescue will help change the course of your business.

At Digital Rescue, we care about crafting you a quality website that offers complete peace-of-mind and longevity to your business. Combining the expertise of our 100%  in-house web designers, SEO experts, copywriters, and more, our handpicked team applies their best-in-breed experience to identify gaps, solutions and opportunities for enhancement.

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Website Content Audit Service

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Why engage a Website Content Audit Service?

It’s a question that plagues a huge range of our clients. Of course, if you’re lacking leads and not securing the lasting business growth you envisioned, the temptation can be to throw it all out and start again – as quickly as possible.

At Digital Rescue, we help you realise the incredible potential of taking time to understand where your current content shortfalls, gaps and opportunities lie. Only then can you create a plan for a stunning website that doubles as your most important business growth asset.

What does a Website Content Audit involve?

During your Website Content Audit service, your Digital Rescue experts will undertake a suite of our trademark audit processes to help you understand the most viable pathway forward for your website design.

These include:

Does your website truly engage your prospective customers and enhance their online experience? We help you understand critical gaps and opportunities for improving the way clients engage with your brand via its design.

Is your website speaking the language of your prospective clients? By engaging in a thorough investigation of word choice (morphology), sentence structure (syntax), expression, and more, Digital Rescue’s copywriting experts demonstrate opportunities for engaging your target markets through strategic use of language (copy).

Too much content? Your audience loses interest. Too little? Your key message gets lost. We help you understand exactly what duration, format and hierarchy of content will work for your brand’s unique vision, goals and engagement aims. Our specialist content is built for boosting ROI and conversion.

Combining 20+ years of SEO expertise with our industry-leading web design smarts, our handpicked team will undertake thorough keyword research and help you understand the exact on-page SEO tactics that will help boost and engage key leads for years to come.

Is your website encouraging action from your prospective clients? We help your website work hard for you by identifying moments critical to conversion including those heavily influenced design, copy, coding and more.

What defines your business from your competitors? Can you articulate this clearly? Utilising our more than two decades of experience in differentiating the brands of our clients, we help you better articulate your USPs and propose a plan for integrating these seamlessly into your website.

3 critical questions for your website content audit

The investment of your website content audit will be based on its scope, depth and the specific requirements of your business. We’ll help you map out exactly what costs to expect following our free-and-easy initial discovery call together in which our friendly team will translate your needs into a detailed plan of action.

As a leading Website Design Agency that specialises in custom web design and content audits, we offer a variety of best-fit solutions for creating the website you’ve always wanted and needed. The duration of your project will depend on its scope, number of pages required, the option to include Digital Rescue’s leading SEO consultation, strategy and campaigns, and your ideal timeline balances with our existing commitments. One thing is for certain: as experts in the art of clear and consistent communication, we’ll help you articulate a detailed scope and timeline for the project before work begins. Why? So you know exactly what to expect, and can plan accordingly.

Absolutely. At Digital rescue, we help our clients realise the power of well-chosen words and the strategic use of language. Unlike other Web Design Agencies, we offer our clients in-house copywriting experts with over 10+ years of experience in the art of crafting strategic marketing copy. 

Post-audit, you’ll have the option to undertake exciting – and critical – tone of voice development that helps you craft a thorough, well-rounded linguistic identity for your brand: one that’s functional, workable and easily employed alongside your visual branding. 

What’s more, we also offer the services of our in-house SEO experts who will help you craft a detailed content brief for content rewrites, should you consider this as part of your journey towards lasting digital infrastructure. Put simply, Digital Rescue affords you a range of specialised content audit services that other Web Design Agencies don’t. Make the choice today to differentiate your brand and fortify your business for the future.

But don’t just take our word for it.

The thing that stood out most for me, in addition to the high level of professionalism, is the honesty and decency Digital Rescue upholds. To me, as a business owner, choosing the right people who are genuine and whom I can trust to have my best interest at heart is always my directive and Digital Rescue was the best choice I made for my business. We literally doubled ourselves. Thank you team!!

Lior Morsky the Director of Touchwood
Lior Morsky - Director
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Digital Rescue invested the time to deeply understand our business, its offering and target audience. Ahead of the ongoing SEO Campaign for a number of our websites, our rankings improved rapidly within the first 4 weeks. A strong point of difference was the team's strategic assistance from the planning ground up to help us deliver a solid foundation for an SEO Campaign against our industry competitors. Strongly recommend Digital Rescue as a Web Design Agency that cares about your long term success ahead of their own quick sales.

Paul Camilleri the Director of ICAM Training
Paul Camilleri - Director
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