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Our Rescue Team

Having an effective digital presence is increasingly essential for any business to survive and then thrive. If the strategy behind it is ineffective, the aims misguided, or the execution flawed, then great damage can be caused on an ongoing basis.

Our rescue team is composed of a group of specialists, every one proven experts in their own specific field, who work together to identify key problem areas and then create an effective and sustainable plan for dealing with them.

Why our digital rescue plans are so successful?

There are three key factors that lead to so many top companies and leading organisations making use of our team. Key amongst these are:

  1. The recommendations we provide and then implement are based on embracing best practice, analysing current trends, and then matching these with sound principles to drive forward proven strategies – all of which can then be clearly measured
  2. Our specialist team brings an unmatched expertise in assessing strategy, forming design, planning for development and undertaking implementation procedures
  3. Our focus on the need for a substantial return on investment means that we will never simply agree with any client when we are not sure that their wishes are best for their business. We believe our reputation is forged in the ROI you achieve.

Our market-leading audit strategies

We ask the key questions that need to be effectively answered for your digital strategy to be the success you want it to be.

Amongst these are:

  • How compliant is your website?
  • Does it contain usability, accessibility and conversion best practices?
  • How effectively are your Google Adwords campaigns created, optimised and managed? Do the reports in this area lack transparency?
  • Is the performance of your SEO activities delivering the results you should expect? Or is the focus on the outlay rather than the returns?

Take your first step towards digital redemption now

Many businesses and organisations simply allow things to drift. They fall further off an ever-increasing pace. Soon, instead of performing catch-up they are engaged in a desperate battle for survival. Contact our team now for the obligation free consultation that can lead to a discussion that will save you thousands while ensuring you make the right decision – one to provide you with the professional digital presence so vital to your company’s future.

The process starts with a free consultation.

You would normally expect to pay at least $1,200 for a consultation of this nature, and the true value is incalculable.

To organise such a meeting to discuss the needs of your business, contact us now. Simply complete the enquiry form and we get back in touch shortly.

“A website redesign was clearly on the cards for NY Bagels, but with so many price points and providers, it was difficult to determine where to begin and what exact direction to take. After speaking with Digital Rescue about my business and its intended audience and target market, I immediately identified that I had found the right partner I could trust to deliver a website that doesn’t just look visually strong, but meets our company’s desire to connect and communicate with its intended audience.”
John Dunphy
Director / NY Bagels
“I have been fortunate enough to work with Noam for the last 4 years. He has an excellent knowledge of what makes a website work. Best of all, he can break that knowledge down into a few actionable steps that can make your website more effective TODAY! There are lots of consultants professing to have the silver bullet to creating a ‘great’ website. My advice is to pick up the phone and call Noam and talk to someone who has actually done it. If your website is not generating a sale, enquiry or phone call… it is not doing its job.”
Matt McGown
CEO / PeopleHub Pty Ltd
“We have cultivated a strong and honest relationship with Noam at Digital Rescue. I trust my clients with him and highly recommend his ability to pull together a best of breed solution for any business.”
Ben Barin
Director / The Business Success Team
“We have had a long standing business relationship since 2007 with Noam and his company. It’s nice to deal with people who have a good set of values. They’re often hard to find. We’ve always found Noam and his team to be very professional, ethical and most importantly, passionate about helping business people to grow their businesses and be successful.”
Trent Brinsley
General Manager / Alltel
“I have worked with Noam at Digital Rescue to identify and enhance the gaps of my website. I found him very knowledgeable and professional, demonstrating great expertise in the field, as well as being detailed and thorough in his work. He was also very thoughtful and paid particular attention to ensure he addressed my needs specifically. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
Ben Connell
Laser Eye Surgeon
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­“Digital Rescue’s implemented strategic recommendation saw Solargain experience a 300% increase in lead conversions”
Mano Stephan

The Digital Rescue Way

Gaining an understanding of your marketing.

Once we have gained the knowledge we need about your business, we can then hone in specifically on our fields of expertise. We’ll investigate areas such as your past and current marketing initiatives, SEO history and current activities, assess recent ranking reports, and access Google Analytics to determine organic traffic. We’ll discover your top five online competitors, determine if we can qualify when phone calls came from a specific advertising source, and whether the website can determine the source of each new enquiry.

Taking that first step together.

Sometimes we only find small gaps in an otherwise compelling digital strategy. On other occasions, we discover a yawning chasm with the business poised precariously on its edge. Where are you currently standing? Would you really like to find out?

If any journey does start with that single step, the best way to put a bold foot forward now is to contact our team and we’ll arrange a free discussion (normally priced at $1,200) and with no obligation on your part. Simply complete our enquiry form now.

Gaining an appreciation of your business.

Here are some of the things we will always take the time to find out about you:

  • How you would describe yourself in terms of philosophy, commitments, goals and actions taken
  • Who you are currently looking to attract as a customer or business partner
  • Where these current sources come from – both geographically and demographically
  • How you might gain higher transaction values from current or future customers
  • Who your key competitors are – and how they position themselves and then rank compared to your business
  • Your business USPs – and any reservations people might have about doing business with you

We want to know where you have come from, where you currently are, where you expect to be down the line, and where you would dream of being at some stage in the future. In summary, we want to walk in your shoes by first taking off our own!

Encompassing the art of discovery.

The great Carl Sagan once said that: “Understanding is joyous”. He was right, of course, but we’d like to take it one step forward: “Understanding, and then the positive use of knowledge gained, is joyous”. This is our underpinning philosophy, enthusiastically bought-into by every member of our Digital Rescue team.

Like any other mountain, outback or surf rescue team, we need to know where you are, and where you’re going, before we can expect to find you and help you on the next part of that journey. When we do so, like any professional partner, we undertake to be fully accountable for our actions, always willing to report progress and discuss the point we have reached, and the next steps to take.