Rescue Act Number Two:

Continuing this series of blogs which highlights some key errors on business websites and the important actions you can take to deal with the situation…

One of our team was recently telling us a story about their grandfather who, many years ago, was convinced that if you bought a larger television, the picture around the edges would show the bits you couldn’t see on a smaller screen!

Nowadays, complete website visibility is a simple expectation for those who are visiting your site. Sadly, here at Digital Rescue, we are aware how many current sites fail quite seriously in this regard.

One of the key reasons for this is the lack of care taken to ensure that a website is clearly and completely visible no matter which device is being used to access it. Many people designed their website for desktop or laptop use, and have left it at that. Such websites often perform disastrously when viewed on a mobile or tablet. This is a vital area to consider, simply because an ever-increasing number – and some sources believe it already to be the majority – are using these newer sources to visit business websites like yours.

Checking your visibility:

The Digital Rescue team can quickly assess whether this is a serious problem for your business. To find out, simply call us on 1300 912 950 now and ask!

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