Rescue Act Number Two:

The second in our series of blogs highlight a key problem faced by many business websites; and then highlights important actions that can be taken to expertly deal with the situation.

A big screen bonus?

We are used, nowadays, to watching TV on a screen size, and a level of definition, that was unheard of just a few years ago. Indeed, one of our Digital Rescue team was recently telling us a story about their grandfather. Way back in the earlier days of public television he was convinced that, if you bought a larger television, the picture around the edges would show the bits you simply couldn’t see on a smaller screen! It’s fair to say that he certainly wasn’t alone in reaching that conclusion.

Delivering complete website visibility

Nowadays, complete and swift website visibility is a simple expectation for those who are visiting your site. Here at Digital Rescue, with expertise gain through rescue audits of more than four thousand business and organisation websites, as well as simple searches as a customer, we are well aware just how many current sites fail quite seriously in delivering acceptable levels of visibility. Social media postings are also not slow to highlight such difficulties, often in disparaging tones, when they’ve been experienced.

One key problem in this area is in not reacting to the changing world of communication possibilities enjoyed by the person visiting and viewing online. Not so long ago, a website was designed for, and only accessed on, a desktop – and then, as they quickly became a popular alternative, a laptop. In recent years, the use of smartphones and other mobile devices, including different screen-sized tablets, has completely changed the viewing perspective – literally so.

There is little doubt that, in the short-term, these newer devices will continue to increase their usage and gain true domination as communication devices of choice – and not just for younger age groups.

Past effectiveness changed to present failings

As a starting point, in the past, many businesses designed their website for desktop or laptop use, and have then left it at that. Such frankly outdated websites often perform disastrously when viewed on a mobile or tablet. The inevitable result is that potential customers, frustrated by such scenarios, will simply take their search elsewhere and locate user-friendly alternatives.

Failing to reach modern standards of accessibility – and to do so quickly – will have negative outcomes for those businesses who don’t adapt and move forward.

Checking your visibility

Good news: our Digital Rescue team can quickly assess whether this is a serious current problem for your business. To find out your current level of website accessibility, simply call our specialists on 1300 912 950 now and ask!