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As a WordPress Design Websites in Melbourne, we realise that as a Small to Medium sized business with an existing and defined online marketing budget, you face the challenge of finding a website design agency with the proven experience, to not only deliver a website that enhances your visual reputation against your industry competitors, but also a Google compliant, high conversion, mobile responsive website that can embrace digital marketing effectively and therefore serve your business as a lead generating asset, to grow your bottom line - online. We also appreciate the financial constraints to a promotional budget that you may face, perhaps in comparison to key competitors.

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 With a History and a Why

Digital Rescue’s history stems from its sister brand TopRankings an online marketing agency with proven experience of over 10 years in Adwords and SEO. With a wealth of traffic data from our large portfolio of clients over the past ten years, our team witnessed first hand, which business websites experienced success and which by stark contrast failed dismally.

With so many Australian businesses failing to commence an effective online marketing campaign as a result of a poor website by their chosen agency, we quickly realised the need for a ‘rescue’ and were compelled to broaden our services and offer website design internally. This was the catalyst for the birth of our very own sister brand Digital Rescue, a Website Design Company in Melbourne. The number of clients who have turned to us to use this process simply emphasised the scope of this problem. The level of outcomes we have delivered is shown by our own superb Google rating.

Our Creative Web Design Process

Digital Rescue’s entire creative process is driven by a 'solid research, planning, strategy, and growth to the bottom line - online’ approach and design philosophy. Examples of our successful work over the last decade and more can be found on the portfolio page of this website.

Step 1


Your business is unique, and so too are your unique selling propositions for the services you provide or the quality product you sell. Your website therefore, should not be any different in articulating your identity and point of difference.

Our first step is a highly detailed business and design brief audit, that helps our team clearly identify your business identity against your competitors. By asking a considerable series of questions and having a workshop discussion we are able to develop a picture of where you are and where you want to be against your competitors, not only from a design standpoint but also from a persuasion perspective and importantly a strong online digital footprint for the future. These insights form the basis of the way we will work together to create a future digital marketing strategy.

Step 2


Our unique SWOT analysis approach to web design sets us apart from our industry competitors.

Beyond researching your competitors for design strengths and weaknesses, our next step is to capture your existing organic footprint and then discover additional phrase opportunities that your prospective buyers may be searching to buy from a business just like yours. The findings from this research helps drive the entire content strategy and information architecture of your website. It also highlights the key reasons or situations where substantial losses of potential custom can occur, often without a business actually knowing of such a negative outcome.

Why is this important?

Content planning that adheres to SEO best practices for your new website from the outset, has a three fold benefit for your business from a medium to longer term objective standpoint. We’ll examine each of these...

website design process

Prevents Double Spending

The first advantage is that a website delivered right the first time, with SEO Content Strategy compliance ensures you do not have to spend money all over again to modify any element of your website when you are ready for SEO. This avoids unnecessary financial losses in what’s often an already-tight budgeting scenario.

website design process

Improves Quality Score

An engaging high conversion website that contains the right content placement, the right URL structure and content length, mirroring the very phrases you are targeting in a Google Adwords Campaign, translates to a higher quality score for your Google Adwords campaign. This in turn results in a lower cost per click to attract qualified buyers, delivering superb value-for-money outcomes.

website design process

Gain Time Advantage

An SEO and Adwords Campaign ready website provides you with the time advantage to activate campaigns within weeks as opposed to waiting up to 10 weeks to commence a campaign as you wait for a new website or updated content pages. We all appreciate that, in today’s business world, standing around waiting really equates with moving backwards!

Step 3


Through a collective approach of gathering the data and insights of both your competitor’s business and your business, we are able to proceed with the design planning of your website’s information architecture that adheres to best practice principles of design, online marketing and conversions.

Step 4


With the entire design brief and content strategy researched and defined, together with an in-depth understanding of your target audience, Digital Rescue commences your website design and development activation. All of our designs are of a highly compliant nature to the critical criterias of success including on brand design, Google compliant, Mobile Responsive and High Conversion design that drives bottom line success - online. This places you in front of your potential customers quickly, professionally, and in a user-friendly way.

Step 5


Your new business website will be launched with the highest level of attention to detail, encompassing all design, development, and online marketing considerations.

Importantly if you have had a strong online organic presence to protect, our team apply the respective critical tasks to protect your rankings. Your new website will be designed in WordPress providing you with 100% ownership, control and management over future content updates as you require.

Now is the best time to take action. Our experienced and dedicated team are always ready to answer all your questions and work closely with you to assess, analyse, and then recommend proven online strategies for your business or organisation. A Melbourne Website Design Agency, Digital Rescue can help your business enhance its visual reputation, and help you grow your bottom line - online today. Simply register your details via the contact page here and we will be in touch shortly.

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