Rescue Act Number One:

This series of blogs will highlight some common errors on business websites and simple actions you can take to improve the situation…

Is there anything more frustrating than waiting for a webpage to load? The old expression “like waiting for paint to dry” pales in comparison! Of course, in reality it takes only those few seconds longer than expected, but the world has become much more time-demanding than it used to be. Everything is expected to operate at a quicker pace, and if your website fails to meet these expectations, here’s what can happen…

A visitor often arrives through a search, perhaps a link on a social media site, or on the suggestion of a friend. Now, with the latter they may be slightly more patient. With the other two there is a very simple escape route the moment that frustration arises. They have the opportunity to return to the search engine and choose another, faster responding possibility. Alternatively, they might go back to their social media and offer a negative opinion about your site (which they actually never properly viewed).

Either way, you have lost a potential customer for your product or user of your service – often without even having been aware of their existence!

Help is at hand

This is one of the many areas where the Digital Rescue team can help you solve a customer-claiming problem. To find out more, please take a moment to check out our portfolio.