Rescue Act Number One:

As you read this series of blogs, we will highlight some of the more common errors found on many business websites. To this, we will add some simple but important actions you can take to improve a current situation. We’re starting with today’s ever-increasingly ‘need for speed’…

‘I don’t have time for this’

Impatience is a modern condition; past experience of waiting days for a catalogue to arrive by post has turned into frustration if a web page doesn’t load in a few seconds! It seems that no-one is willing to ‘wait for paint to dry’ any more! To be fair, many individuals do have ever-increasing demands on their time; each second seems more precious. This may be form a work-based starting point, but it often seeps over into people’s private lives.

Is your web page loading speed a serious problem?

Each precious, potential customer is likely to arrive at your website through a Google (or other) search; or perhaps by a link from a social media site, maybe even a suggestion from a friend or work colleague. You would expect that the latter recommendation might buy a few more seconds of grace compared to their own, perhaps urgent, search.

At this key moment of arrival, you have just a few seconds to capture their interest. Each individual expects to see what they have searched for springing quickly into view. If this does not happen, probably in just a handful of seconds, then there is a danger that this individual simply clicks back to their original search, for example, to seek a faster responder.

It’s such a simple clickbait of an escape route – because it is so easy for them to take. The result is that a business can lose a highly-valuable potential customer or information-seeker without ever actually knowing of the opportunity that has been missed! The problem can even be exacerbated because it’s also quite possible that a negative review is then posted for the world to see without the individual author ever actually having viewed a single page of the site in question!

This loading speed dilemma is true across a range of devices from mobile or tablet to laptop or desktop. It’s vital for your website to be both swiftly and fully accessible for each of them.

Help is at hand

Dealing with this customer-claiming problem by delivering a website with a swift load-time is one of the many areas where our experienced Digital Rescue team has earned a stellar reputation. To find out more, please take a moment to check out our extensive portfolio, or contact us.