Rescue Act Number Five:

We continue our popular series of blogs, each of which takes time to highlight a key area that can prevent a business’ or organisation’s website from performing as effectively as it could. This time, we’re going to start with an unexpected question…

Have you ever watched a 3-ring circus?

It can reawaken the kid inside of us! Step inside the big tent – or watch it on TV – and your eyes are assaulted by the sight of a trio of rings, each of which might currently be featuring anything from jugglers to clowns, acrobats to trapeze artists. We used the term ‘assaulted’ because it is difficult to focus your attention on one performance. Indeed, one dictionary definition of the term ‘three-ring circus’ describes it pretty well: ‘a disorganized or frenetic scene or spectacle’. Add different levels or types of audience reaction to each performance and confusion quickly spreads. Like that kid we mentioned, careful concentration is not a skill much in evidence in such situations!

What has this to do with an effective website?

When you visit a website for a business or organisation, it loads in front of your eyes. Sadly, this might take longer than you’d want. This is a different problem that can be detrimental to the on-line effectiveness of your company or organisation. It is discussed in-depth in our first blog of this continuing series).

As it loads, the online equivalent of that confusing and diverting three-ring circus can start to appear. We’re specifically talking about those often very annoying pop-ups or plugins. These can be extremely distracting and make it awkward to quickly seek out the specific content or area that has led to your visit to this website.

Such a damaged visitor experience can provide a reason for an individual to decide to click back and try another source – and you suffer the loss of a potentially-valuable customer. It’s also possible that negative comments will find their way onto social media platforms, causing further reputational damage.

Providing professional and experienced Pop-Up and Plug-In Help

These pair of devices do have a valid place on a company website – we’d never dispute that – but only if their use is carefully planned and effectively controlled, placed only to achieve specific, clear, and relevant objectives. Our experienced Digital Rescue team offers an invaluable audit for your business website that objectively looks at this specific problem as well as assessing and measuring many other key effectiveness indicators.

Contact us to learn more, and allow us to help make your website more effective for your business…