Rescue Act Number Five:

Another in our series of valuable blogs which highlights some key areas which prevent business websites from being as effective as they should be…

Have you ever been to, or seen on TV, a three ring circus? They are exactly as described, inside the big tent are a trio of rings with different acts performing in each. It’s very difficult to focus your attention on simply one performance, especially if audience “noises-off” from those watching the other two are distracting.

What has this to do with a business website? Simply this – how often do you visit a site where, as it loads – and seems to take a annoying while to do so (see Blog One in this series), you are unable to focus on any key message because of annoying pop-ups or plug-ins making their appearance.

Now we don’t want you to think that these two devices never have a valid place on a company website – of course they do – but their use must be controlled and managed so that they don’t damage the visitor experience.

Otherwise, as in many other instances, potential customers are actually discouraged from remaining on your website!

Pop-Up Help

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