Rescue Act Number Six:

The sixth in our regular series of to-the-point blogs which identify key areas that can prevent business websites from working as well as they should…

Imagine walking down a street where all the shops had removed their names and addresses. Or looking at an ad in the newspaper and not finding contact details in it. Both seem the height of folly, and yet, in terms of their websites, many companies make the same kind of mistakes.

When someone visits any page of your website, they should know instantly whose site it is. Making sure that all the pages across your site are similarly styled is important in this context. Equally, if they want to contact you to ask a question, request a service and the like, they shouldn’t have to hunt high and low to find details of how to do so.

Yet, during our Digital Rescue activities, we do still find so many websites where one or both of these vital areas of identification and action are either missing, badly placed or presented, or simply incomplete. This equates to a shop having its only entrance door at the back of its premises away from the street!

The minute you ask website visitors to take more action than they need to – or should have to – some will simply leave. Customers are surely precious, there’s no reason to casually throw some away!

Are you both contactable & usable?

To allow us to find out for you, simply call 1300 912 950. One of our Digital Rescue specialists will carry out an instant free check and, if necessary, suggest any improvements you could make.

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