This is the third in our series of detailed blogs, each of which highlights a key area which can cause unwelcome problems on business websites; and then highlights how you can improve the situation should it apply to yours.

Working in both sunshine and shadow

Both for work and play, you will spend a fair portion of time each day staring at television or computer screens of various sizes and configurations. You will already appreciate how difficult and annoying this can be in bright streaming sunlight (and we do get a fair amount of that here in Australia). Equally, in what can be deemed as more favourable light conditions, there are still so many websites that, in their presentation, still make it almost impossible for visitors to read the content they crave with any degree of comfort.

Why does this problem still occur?

The viewing conditions, favourable or not, and the user can usually adjust these for themselves, present on problem. The second key reason lies in another common area of frustration when viewing a company or organisation’s website.

The cause is a lack of a necessary level of clear contrast between the background for any or all of the pages on a site and its content. Easy accessibility to the latter is vital; that’s what a visitor needs to – and is often eager to – easily understand.

Just imagine trying to read a paperback where the black type was presented on a deep blue background! It’s equally true that light grey content added to a white background presents instant difficulties. These are a couple of variations on a theme; you’ll find many other examples of ineffective contrast levels on many websites.

A problem for the ages

As years pass, do you ever feel that the sky seems a less vivid blue than in childhood days? Do distant objects seem slightly more hazy, less sharp, than before. It’s a sad truth, but vision – especially contrast vision – does diminish as the years pass. Therefore, if your likely web visitors are of more senior age groups, then the lack of effective contrast problem becomes even more obvious – and frustrating.

Compare and Contrast

Although the thought might send a small shiver up and down our spine, this phrase was often a popular exam question starter in our schooldays. It’s still highly relevant in today’s grown-up world, as our specialist and experienced Digital Rescue team can expertly assess the contrast levels and options on both your own site and then compare your situation with that of your key competitors. To find out how to improve the situation in this key area, and also more about our extensive and popular range of key services, please click here…