Continuing this series of blogs which highlights some key areas which cause problems on business websites and how you can improve the situation…

You already know how difficult it can be to watch a TV or use a computer screen when the sun is streaming onto it. Yet, even in much more favourable light conditions, some websites make it almost impossible for visitors to read the content with any degree of comfort.

Apart from viewing conditions, such as those already mentioned, which the user can adjust for themselves, there is another key reason for this to be a problem when viewing some business websites.

This is the lack of the necessary contrast between the background for any or all of the pages on a site and the content that a visitor needs to – and is often eager to – understand. Imagine trying to read a paperback where the black type was presented on a deep blue background! Equally, light grey content added to a white background also isn’t particularly helpful.

One further point to consider is the likely age range of visitors trying to access your site. It’s a fact of life that vision – especially contrast vision – does diminish as the years pass. Therefore, a problem for everyone is even more deadly if the majority of your web visitors are likely to be of a more senior age!

Comparing and Contrasting:

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