After the introduction of smartphones, it didn’t take long for them to overtake computers as the main online access point. After that, their progress kept accelerating at a never-before-seen rate. Nowadays, a manufacturing company is essentially nonexistent if it doesn’t provide a website, much less one that is mobile-friendly.

With more individuals utilising desktop computers/laptops and depending on established referrals, the manufacturing business is shielded from many of these trends, but that doesn’t imply it’s totally immune.

It’s true that the number of individuals you have to personally advertise to decreases when you develop and provide specialised essential goods and services. With the help of traditional marketing techniques like word-of-mouth, you may sustain a respectable rate of development.

But you’ll need to step up your game to get ahead of your competitors in today’s digital and modern world. You’ll need to invest some time in discovering the value of digital marketing for manufacturing and maintaining your manufacturing company’s online presence. You must create a compelling, functional, and informative website.

Why Is a Good Website Important for Your Manufacturing Company?

Most companies, if not all, have websites. Several of them have one only out of custom. But they overlook the fact that, when done effectively, a website is a powerful tool that can make or break a company. And it makes no difference what kind of business you run or what sector you work in. Even manufacturing and industrial companies can attest to this. 

Not convinced? The following are a few reasons you should invest in an appealing and functional website for your manufacturing business:

It Serves as Your Online Brochure for Your Products and Services

Many manufacturing businesses use their websites as digital versions of their printed sales brochures. You can showcase your goods and services through it. Additionally, you can use your websites to upload videos of tutorials and demonstrations instead of merely exhibiting photos and writing paragraphs to convey what you are offering.

Provides Convenience and Ease of Information

As a manufacturing business, you require a website that clearly demonstrates your technological know-how and creativity to encourage prospects to get in touch with your sales team. These suggestions will assist you in transforming your manufacturing website into an effective marketing tool, whether you’re developing a brand-new website or making user-focused modifications to your existing one. 

Nowadays, people frequently check a business’s website before making a purchase. They don’t only want to know more about the goods, though. Although that is one of the reasons, it is also important to look into the business and its credibility. But obtaining information on costs, packages, special offers, shipping, delivery, etc., is also important.

Along with a FAQ, having a website makes it possible for customers to get in touch with you if they have enquiries via a contact form or live chat.   Additionally, customers can easily and conveniently place orders through the website. It streamlines the purchasing process and increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Help Establish Your Credibility

A website can increase the credibility of your business. Since many individuals today perform their pre-purchase research online, so many think a website lends credibility to a company.

You can display client or customer testimonials on your website from past and present customers. You can also include testimonials from previous clients, which fosters confidence and gives site visitors a better understanding of what you can deliver. Additionally, it offers customers a means to communicate with your business.

Promotes Brand Awareness

Your website is one of the best tools for establishing your brand and ensuring that people know who you are as a company, what you stand for, and what you represent. You can showcase your brand’s logo, colours, and messaging there. As a result, your brand can influence whether or not a customer makes a purchase and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Helps Reach and Expand Your Customer Base

Using traditional marketing techniques, your manufacturing company may have previously successfully converted potential clients into paying customers, but it probably costs a lot of money. Additionally, you wouldn’t be able to reach as far. A website can attract even more interest from individuals outside your area.

Effective Marketing Strategy

What does this imply? As we discussed, you can use your website to attract new customers. You can accomplish it in various ways, including through SEO strategies and content marketing, as well as by connecting your social media accounts to your website.

Using your website, you can track customer behaviour through what they are looking for and where they are. You can utilise all of the data to develop marketing strategies and content that are more targeted. You can use that information to enhance the customer experience.

24/7 Availability and Access to Up-to-date Information

Having a website is beneficial for more than just attracting new customers. It also means keeping the old ones. You can be “present” and “available” to your customers around the clock if you have a website. Accessibility is crucial, particularly in the modern world. 

Customers don’t need to call your office during regular business hours if they require information from you. On your website, they can find solutions to frequent problems. Using chatbots on your website may increase customer satisfaction, assure customer retention, and swiftly fix basic issues.

The Top 5 “Must-Have” Pages for Your Manufacturing Website

When it comes to manufacturing website design, every page counts. A well-designed manufacturing website encourages more customers to make purchases, which boosts your revenue. But how can you be certain that your new website is working to its full potential?

Here, we look at the top five “must-have” pages for your manufacturing website and how each makes you stand out from the competition.


Your homepage establishes the tone for your online persona while linking to all others. It is time to engage your audience in a direct and approachable manner. Since first impressions are important, make this one count.

Introduce yourself and your brand without adding too much visual noise in graphics, icons, banners, and text. To prevent users from scrolling down the page, place key content at the top, such as your logo and navigational links.

About us Page

The About page on your website allows you to highlight your accomplishments and the people behind your company, while the rest of your website informs visitors and establishes your authority.

The About us Page is one of your website’s most crucial pages. Thus, you should never treat this lightly. Speak honestly, and you might even consider hiring a professional photographer and writer to make your about page as polished and professional as possible.

Contact Us Page

When you’ve won over visitors’ hearts and minds, you should direct them to a contact form.

The contact page is the only place a visitor can convert to a customer if you don’t have an online store. Make it simple to find and use because your contact page serves as the link between potential customers and purchases. Don’t complicate your contact page. Prospects are more likely to send a message or sign up for your emails if you ask for less information.

Products and Services Page

Your Products and Services page needs to be one of the top destinations on your homepage. This landing page should outline the services you provide and connect your goods to the demands of your customers.

It’s a good idea to provide an image for each product to keep website visitors interested. The photos you provide in this part have to be equally authentic.

Blog Page

In the world of marketing, conversions are produced by a trust. Explaining your products could attract attention to your brand, but running a blog establishes your expertise and authority. This experience level will persuade customers to choose your company over the competitors.

Build your blog around new product launches, market-relevant advice, and industry trends. You are a manufacturer, and this page is where you can showcase your expertise to the world.

How to Build a Great Manufacturing Website?

As a manufacturing business, you require a website that clearly demonstrates your technological know-how and creativity to encourage prospects to get in touch with your sales team. 

The following tips below will assist you in transforming your manufacturing website into an effective marketing tool, whether you’re developing a brand-new website or making user-focused modifications to your current one.

Establish a Powerful Manufacturing Brand Image

A strong, up-to-date website may help you establish your brand’s image and effectively convey the strength and quality of your business. It is true in any industry, but it is particularly true in the manufacturing sector, where an old, defective website can reflect poorly on the technical prowess of your business.

Your website needs to make a solid first impression in three key areas: aesthetics, content, and function, since it is frequently the first point of contact with a buyer.

Ensure Users Can Easily Find What They’re Looking For on Your Website

Visitors to your website should be able to browse your services or conduct a product search quickly. It refers to well-written, logically arranged service pages that are simple to find and categorised by application, industry, or material for capability- and service-based manufacturers.

If your business sells products, ensure that the categories for those products are well-defined, sensibly organised, and provide a convenient way to drill down to explore more specific possibilities.

Always Keep Your Target Customer or Buyer Persona in Mind

Thoughtful, well-written content that focuses on your target audience will help your website stand out from the competition when a prospect is comparing multiple manufacturing companies.

Keep your target audience in mind while creating content for your website, and ensure to include information that supports their objectives.

Once you’ve determined your target audience, be sure to provide material that appeals to their needs and includes crucial details like turnaround times, customer rejection rates, processing accuracy, product quality, lead times, shipping, etc.

Include Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Showing current or former customers have taken advantage of your manufacturing services is one of the best ways to demonstrate to potential customers how they can benefit from your products. A valuable endorsement of the quality of your work will be given by having this kind of information on your website.

Make It Simple to Reach You

The next step is for a prospect to get in touch with your sales team after reading your content. To streamline the process, you can place a strategic call to action on each page. To properly describe what the user will encounter next, utilise action words like “Order Replacement Part,” “Request a Quote,” and “Submit a Request.”

Remember that some people would rather talk about issues with a real person. Don’t forget to include a phone number in your header and footer, especially for mobile devices.

Implement Effective SEO to Attract Visitors

One of the most important digital marketing tactics is SEO. Optimising your content can ensure that your website ranks higher on search engines like Google. The more people who view you, the higher your ranking will be.

Having a higher SEO ranking can:

  • Brand awareness
  • Website Traffic
  • Brand Credibility
  • Industry authority
  • Conversion rate
  • ROI

Ensure that the website design agency you are considering working with offers SEO services and can include SEO best practices in the design and development. However, you’re probably losing out on customers without an SEO strategy.

Luckily, Digital Rescue specialises in web design for manufacturing businesses, and we work closely with our companion company, TopRankings, the leading SEO agency in Melbourne. With us, you can rest easy knowing that your website is handled by the best in the industry. Contact us at 1300 912 950 to book a FREE chemistry call.