Your website is a crucial component of your business. It not only explains what you do, why you’re good at it, and how much you charge, but it also gives you a chance to position yourself as an industry expert whenever someone searches for what you do online.

Business websites also increase productivity because customers can browse at their convenience and get a sense of your brand without having to call you again for each enquiry. Additionally, it helps you market your company more effectively, especially if you’ve learned the benefits of inbound marketing.

Thus, creating a website that offers a positive customer experience (UX) is in your best interest. However, you discover various choices and costs as you consider your options. It depends on whether you design a custom website or use templates. Let’s examine each choice more closely.

Custom Web Design 101

True custom web design entails writing code from scratch to create a website. There aren’t any templates or pre-made visuals used or anything similar. Many people mistakenly think website templates with complete customisation qualify as custom web designs. You can only customise web pages using website templates within established parameters. Contrarily, custom website design gives you complete control over the creation process.

An extensive skill set is required to build a completely personalised website. If your company doesn’t have a web developer on staff, you’ll probably contact a web design agency to build a custom website for you.

When To Use Custom Web Design?

You can build custom websites to fit your unique requirements and marketing plans. If any of the following factors apply to your company, then this is the best option for you:

If You Have a High Budget

Tens of thousands of dollars are required for custom websites. The cost of a website increases with its size and the number of features and functionalities you add. Additionally, you are paying for the services of highly qualified people.

If You Have The Freedom of Time

Creating a website from scratch takes a lot of work and patience. Even if you have the funds to purchase a high-priced website, be sure you aren’t restricted by a strict deadline because you will have to wait several months before launching it.

If Unique Requirements are Needed

A custom design will save you a tonne of time attempting to get it right the first time if the nature of your business necessitates incorporating a complex website structure. Additionally, because templates are used to produce so many websites, yours can end up looking similar to others.

If You Want Easy Modification

You can add anything you want to custom web pages and change them whenever possible. This simplifies adding new features and functions as you broaden your selection of products and services.

If You Need to Incorporate Complex Features

Additionally, custom websites are perfect for companies who wish to incorporate a lot of visuals, interactive material, contemporary retail, quizzes, online scheduling, order status, or client portals.

If You Require Multiple Integrations

For a website to offer a smooth user experience, additional applications must be able to integrate with it. Additionally, doing this will make things simpler for your team. Your website could need to communicate with your CRM, email, customer care software, social media accounts, and any other vital technologies your business depends on, for instance. Building a custom website that complies with these requirements makes more sense the more add-ons you require.

If You Want More Control Over UX

Your website should be simple to use and navigate. Depending on where a website user is in the buying process, you should develop different paths for them. Additionally, you might want users who use their thumbs to navigate on their mobile devices should be able to do so. While many templates provide these features, building a custom website enables you to include whatever requirement you need.

Benefits of Using Custom Web Design

Let’s examine the benefits of custom web design for your business.

You Can Achieve Unique Designs

You can build unique websites thanks to custom web design, which is one of its key benefits. In essence, you may make your site seem any way you want, and you won’t be constrained by a pre-made design.

You could even create a special template just for your company. The advantage of having a custom web design is that you have total control.

You Will Get To Work With Professional Developers

Finding a reputable web design company will provide you access to a group of qualified developers who can assist you in troubleshooting issues and quickly get your site up and running. While professional-grade services are rarely free, troubleshooting services aren’t always needed to be.

Your Website is Always Up-to-date

A top-tier business that provides custom web design services will constantly be vigilant about maintaining its code. To assist you in staying on top of the game, they’ll constantly monitor changes to the Google algorithm and adjust your website accordingly.

It Provides You With a More Manageable and Scalable Website

You can keep adding to your website as frequently as you desire if you build it from the ground up. In reality, nothing prevents you from getting in touch with your web developer and asking them to add new features regularly.

Website Templates 101

Website templates are pre-built web pages that you may easily modify with videos, blogs, photos, and other content. You can buy thousands of website templates online that come in various designs and styles. Although some website templates are simpler, most are simple to set up.

Because there are so many website templates available online, both the quality of the template and the level of support you get from the development team may differ. Website templates are ideal for use by individuals or by smaller businesses.

When To Use Website Templates?

While custom websites can provide exactly what you want, templates can still fulfil your needs. Using templates is a great idea if your company is in any of the following situations:

If You Have a Low Budget

You might be a startup or have more important responsibilities to which you should devote your resources. You may still create a stunning website using templates with all the key features you require, such as backdrop banners, the right font, and a responsive design.

If You Want To Keep it Simple

Many bells and whistles are unnecessary for some websites. This is especially true for sole proprietors and smaller businesses. This does not imply that your website must be plain or inexpensive. You can buy more expensive templates or work with a web developer to make it look modern.

If You Have a Tight Deadline

Websites created using templates can be finished considerably more quickly because they don’t require complicated coding (and many components are already created).

If You Don’t Have Coding Knowledge

No coding experience is necessary, thanks to drag & drop features, predefined modules, and CTA builders. Despite this, you can still use code to precisely accomplish your objectives and build a useful website without it.

Benefits of Using Website Templates

Using digital website templates has many benefits that can help your company’s hiring efforts, speed-to-market, and marketing ROI.

It’s a Cheaper Option

This might not be much of a problem for larger, more established companies, but startups, smaller companies, and solopreneurs frequently have to cut costs to get by. Website templates cost little money.

Premium templates are reasonably priced. It’s understandable why many individuals use website templates to create their sites when some hosting services offer reasonably priced options.

Fastest Way To Build a Website

A good templated website can be put together in an hour or less if you know what you’re doing—working with programming or any other laborious processes involved in making a customised website are not your concern. In essence, you don’t have to worry about the challenging portion. You can use drag and drop operations to your satisfaction.

Anyone Can Build a Website Using a Website Template

To elaborate on the preceding point, a solid website template today allows virtually anyone to create a website. While some themes have a learning curve, many simply drag and drop, making it simple to create a respectable website.

Custom Website Design vs. Website Templates: Which is The Better Option?

As you can see, not every decision is the right one. Because every business is unique, you should concentrate on your requirements. Digital website templates are your best alternative if you’re a startup with a limited budget and don’t have the time or expertise to design a complex custom website carefully.

On the other hand, a custom website will serve you better if you’re looking for something that’s entirely configurable, one-of-a-kind, code-built, and provides total control.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the decision you make will be heavily influenced by both your personal preferences and the needs of your business. As previously said, smaller businesses with limited resources typically use website templates, but larger, more established companies prefer to use customised websites.

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