Rescue Act Number Four:

Another in our series of blogs which highlights some key problems with business websites and the simple actions you can take to solve them…

When you undertake an online search, you are obviously looking for something! The results offer you a series of options to try, and you then choose to click on your choice from these possibilities. When you do, one of two things will happen.

Firstly, you will arrive on a page that immediately ties the company with the product or service you are looking for. The information you require is quickly to hand and therefore you are extremely likely to spend time on this page and then move on through a buying or enquiry process. These are specifically-created landing pages, designed to make the customer experience a useful one.

Otherwise, you may simply be directed to the company’s homepage, or a more general information destination which is about all of their products or services. Here, you are being asked to carry out most of the search work again! One frequent reaction is simply to return to the original search and try somebody else! Potential customer lost – often forever!

So a key questions is this: how well does your website help potential customers to land and then journey onwards?

Journey Planning

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