Rescue Act Number Four:

Another in our series of popular blogs, each of which highlights a key problem encountered by some business websites; one which can form a major barrier to their reaching a level of customer responsiveness you would surely hope for.

Instigating an online search

Whether at work or in your private life, you’ll probably instigate many online searches each day. When you do so, you are obviously looking for something in particular. To this end, you will enter a quite specific description of this as your keywords. The results then quickly appear, offering a series of options from which you make your favoured selection.

Two possible outcomes

Once this choice has been made; you then click to journey through to the chosen business or organisation’s website. At this moment, one of two outcomes will present themselves:

    1. You immediately arrive at a page that specifically and instantly ties the company with the product you are seeking or the service that interests you. The key information that you are eager to gain is quickly to hand. The positive outcome: you are extremely likely to spend some time on this page and then to move on through to either a purchasing or enquiry process.
    2. Alternatively, your search takes you to their standard homepage; or to a more generic destination which covers all of their products or possible services. From that unpromising starting point, you are then expected to carry out most of the search work all over again! The negative outcome: you simply feel frustrated and choose to click back and return to the original search. You then try somebody else! Another potential customer has been lost by your first choice – often never to return!

The first of the options described above takes your search directly to specifically-created landing pages. Each of these is each designed to be pertinent to the search terms and therefore to quickly make the customer experience a positive, useful, and productive one.

How about the journey planning possibilities on your website?

So there is one key question to consider: how effectively does your website currently help facilitate both the arrival and then the onward journey progress for your potential customers?

If you’d like to discuss how visitors currently “land” on your website, and would also value an assessment of how this compares to your key competitors, phone 1300 912 950 and ask our experienced Digital Rescue specialists to take an obligation-free look for you!