As you’re creating a website for your business, you will run into terms you aren’t aware of and one of those may be “custom website”. But knowing what it means will keep you and your website design agency heading in the same direction.

What does “custom” mean in this case? In terms of web design and development, making a “custom” site means it is made to order for a particular customer. Customising a website, therefore, is simply modifying a page or platform to suit a particular objective or task. 

Naturally, people associate a custom site with exorbitant fees and this may be why some will turn to build their own eCommerce site with the use of free templates. As practical as that may sound, this DIY web design doesn’t cut it

A Reason to Go Custom

Understand that both web development and web design go far beyond focusing on aesthetics alone. Designing and developing a website, for the most part, demands time and effort to come up with a layout that offers excellent usability and seamless functionality.

With that said, custom web design and development deliver a better user experience regardless of the variables. Steering away from a cookie-cutter design often means that site visitors will navigate to a website where every page is especially designed to cater to their unique needs. A better conversion rate can often be expected with such attention to detail.

Custom Web Design

It may seem practical to go for free, standardised templates for your upcoming sales platform but know that you may not be able to achieve much this way. In reality, most established brands opt for custom web design agencies as their input allows them to unlock the full potential of their respective online campaigns.

  • SEO-Friendly

With a designated web designer helping you out early on, you can now have a hand in making sure your digital portal meets all the criteria for a website that has a good chance of becoming visible on search engines. The designer can incorporate elements that help pages load faster, giving site users a reason to stay on your website longer.

  • Unique

The problem with standardised templates is that they don’t make your website stand out among the rest online. A custom web design, thankfully, takes you off the beaten path to create a site that is unique and captivating! Your online shop will look fresh right from the get-go as it will have elements most templated websites won’t have.

  • Scalable

A custom design will get you an opportunity to adapt to scalable methods and technologies, which translates into higher adaptability. In other words, you can upgrade and customise your business platform on the fly as your designer can add and remove elements to take advantage of ongoing trends or meet higher demands.                                                                                        

  • Adaptable

With a custom web design, you can choose to put in features based on your business goals. You can have features implemented immediately and set those that might need to be added later on, depending on your site’s performance. Clearly, a custom web design offers better adaptability than the one you create off the usual template.

Custom Web Development

A custom web development gives you a chance to work with experienced web developers who commit to meet your business’ unique needs. With their concerted effort and full attention, your site can work faster, be more functional, and reduce page load times so there are fewer hurdles to scale in your quest to convert more potential leads into loyal patrons.

  • Better Accessibility

With customisation comes access to features that are unique and vital to your business operation online. Custom web development will extensively involve browser compatibility, adaptability, testing, and responsiveness so your website can surely be accessible across devices and screen sizes.

  • Leverage Against Competitors

It’ll be difficult to duplicate the usable and unique functionalities that your website will offer when you have them customised by skilled web developers. Although competitors may have neat-looking and captivating websites, only a few may offer your unrivalled functionality, especially when you went with a custom approach right from the start.

  • Innovative Functions and Ideas

A major advantage of custom web development is that it puts you in a great position to tap into newer technologies. A typical problem with a standard template approach is that the web and app solutions at your disposal are fairly limited. Your innovative ideas can be better implemented in the hands of developers whose goals are customising your platform’s functionality.

An Edge Right at Your Fingertips

By choosing a custom web design and development, you actually put more weight into your business’ unique requirements rather than settle with a more competitive price quote. It’s a sure way to realise your virtual retail outlet’s full potential because its creation will not be hindered by standard limitations.

For an effective online presence, it is crucial working with web designers and developers that embrace a customised approach so your end result is a responsive, attractive, and useful online platform that is specially designed to engage and convert your target audience.

To build a website that truly caters to your unique objectives, know that our team embraces a custom approach to better help you stand out against industry competitors! Call us and we’ll deliver highly detailed and customised website and SEO audits as well as adhere to high conversion design best practices so your platform instantly becomes a critical lead-generating asset from day 1!