The number of websites on the Internet is expanding as more and more are launched intermittently. You must create a distinctive web experience in this vast webspace that will give your business strong online visibility. It is crucial for your business to have its own website in the digital age, indeed. No matter what industry you’re in, you need to be present and visible online because that’s where most people go to find answers.

Nothing can match WordPress’s level of popularity when it comes to website development. The majority of developers are totally fixated on this platform. More than 43.3% of websites on the Internet are created exclusively with WordPress.

In this regard, choosing the appropriate CMS is crucial. WP has the potential to be a successful website development platform. For a fantastic website for your business, you can hire WordPress developers to build the website for your business.

You’ve probably discovered WordPress as a potential solution during your research. There is just one problem: you may have no idea what WordPress is or how it can benefit your business. Don’t worry, in this article, we will share with you what the platform is and what makes it so unique.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is fundamentally the most straightforward and well-liked way to start your own website or blog. As mentioned earlier, a whopping 43.3 % of all websites on the Internet are actually powered by WordPress. Yes, WordPress is probably used by more than a quarter of the websites you visit.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is GPLv2 licensed, which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software for free. A content management system is essentially a tool that makes it simple to manage crucial elements of your website, such as content, without having any programming experience.

As a result, WordPress enables anyone to create a website, even those who aren’t programmers.

WordPress was first developed in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It started out as a straightforward platform created for users who wanted to make simple and direct blogs and host them online. But as time went on, it developed into a dynamic, effective tool for building almost any type of website.


What Types of Websites Can Be Made with WordPress?

WordPress was primarily used to create blogs rather than more conventional websites many years ago. But that hasn’t been the case for a while. You can now create any type of website with WordPress thanks to changes made to the core code and the platform’s enormous ecosystem of plugins and themes.

You can now build any of the following using WordPress: 


Personal Blogs

WordPress was primarily used to create blogs in its early years, but it quickly developed into a reputable CMS platform. It is now the top choice for anyone looking to build a personal website because its fundamental features have improved over time.

WordPress provides you with limitless customisation options as well as a flexible interface to build your personal websites and blogs.


Business Websites

Many large or small brands use WordPress because of the wide selection of themes it provides. It is crucial for businesses to present their products correctly and to have the appropriate tools for doing so. 

WordPress offers a huge selection of extensions to help make your website more user-friendly while also making the process of adding images and video quick and simple.


eCommerce Websites

Due to its simplicity of use, WordPress is quickly taking over as the preferred eCommerce solution for businesses. You can conduct financial transactions, manage inventories, and ship using plugins. 

Additionally, add-ons like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads will aid in transforming your website into an effective e-commerce platform.

The fact that WordPress is now much more than it was at the beginning of its development is demonstrated once again by its ability to deliver a stable eCommerce experience. With each new release, the platform expands and offers more and more features.


Government Websites

Governments and departments must also use an application to represent themselves, and WordPress is frequently used for this purpose due to its straightforward yet effective functionalities. 

Additionally, it has multilingual extensions, which appeals to nations with more than one official language. WordPress is used to power the official websites of Sweden and the United States.


News Websites

Some of the most popular news websites, including People Magazine, the New Yorker, the Herald Sun in Australia, and Vogue, are powered by WordPress. We know that this should already persuade you that WordPress is a fantastic option for developing a news website, but let’s ramble on anyhow.

The WordPress has extensions and themes that will assist you in building websites that appeal to your target audience, whether your content is intended for readers looking for the most recent fashion collections or readers looking to learn about what’s going on in the world. You can also restrict content and add comment sections if necessary.


Portfolio Websites

WordPress has been used to create many websites for artists, photographers, and web designers. With the help of themes that have slick and beautiful image galleries, anyone with a portfolio who needs to showcase their work to the public can do so.

You can display an aesthetically pleasing representation of your work with lovely sliders and masterfully arranged images thanks to the thousands of themes available.


Job Boards

The preferred platform for quickly and effectively building job boards is WordPress. Employers can advertise open positions on job boards so that qualified candidates can apply. You can post job listings with a search index and company reviews. 

You can even add blogs, where employees can share their experiences, with the help of the available extensions. Job sectors require specialised job listings to streamline the hiring process, which WordPress makes simple.


What Makes WordPress the Ideal CMS for 2022?

WordPress is a powerful site builder and content management system that aims to make it possible for anyone to create an online presence, in a matter of minutes, with tools for everyone—from personal bloggers to major corporations. 

WordPress is a flexible, scalable, and free-to-use platform. Here are some of the key features of the most widely used website creation tool in the world that makes it ideal for web development in 2022:


Open Source System

Being an open-source platform, WordPress has a large online community of experts who share their tips and resources. This cooperative approach and accessibility of information spurs innovation in everything (from guides to tutorials), keeping WordPress at the forefront of web design and the online market.



WordPress is an open-source platform that can be used for any project, including personal blogs and business portals, and is free to use. Even though the platform is free, a custom website must be created in order to fully utilise WordPress’s capabilities. 

Since the source code is open to everyone, you can hire a developer so they can use it to further develop it for creating unique and customised websites.


Ready-to-Use Themes and Plugins

Over 54,000 ready-made plugins for WordPress are available, and they can be quickly added to your website to perform a wide range of tasks—from SEO to reviews. In addition to themes, it’s simple to locate a variety of plugins that let you expand the functionality of your current website. Find a plugin to add the necessary feature if it isn’t already available on your site.

Because WordPress is an open-source platform, clever web developers are constantly working on building fresh, innovative plugins, which is how most cutting-edge websites are created. However, it’s crucial to only add trustworthy plugins that work with the rest of your website, so it always pays to consult your web developer before adding anything new.



WordPress websites are SEO-friendly. Websites created with WordPress have clear navigation and concise coding right out of the box, making them easy to crawl. It’s simpler for SEO experts  to use sophisticated optimisation techniques on a WordPress website.


Superior Customisation

Cutting corners when building a website is never a good idea. Additionally, you should design a fully unique, feature-rich business website. WordPress provides unparalleled customisation options that make it possible to create unique websites packed with special features.

Use a premium theme to give your website a pleasing appearance and feel. You can improve the website’s visual appeal by personalising the theme.



WordPress is self-updating; it notifies users when a new version is available by displaying a message stating that the user’s current installation is out of date and that a newer version is ready for installation. The new version is automatically installed when the pertinent button is clicked.

The updates are accessible for plugins as well as the default WordPress installation. As a result, this platform makes sure that users maintain their websites in line with the most recent developments in CMS technology.


Built-In Features and Functionalities

WordPress has a wide range of integrated features and functionalities that make completing a variety of tasks simple for users. Being a full-featured content management system, it provides a quick and effective way to manage and update blogs and websites.

On WordPress, adding, changing, deleting, and updating images and content only takes a few clicks and doesn’t require much technical assistance from a developer.


Massive Online Community

There is a large global community that actively supports WordPress. In addition to offering advice, the community also helps this platform expand. Since assistance and support are readily available on this platform, WordPress users can find answers to their questions and find solutions to their problems from a variety of forums.


The Future of WordPress in 2022

It is now clear that WordPress is a remarkably powerful and effective website development platform in 2022. It allows you to build the website you want while providing high-quality, inexpensive web solutions.

Although setting up a WordPress website is a simple process, it is always advised to think about working with a reputable web design agency to create highly customised and expertly built websites. This way, you can create a website that can effectively give your business a strong online presence.