One of the hardest decisions to make when launching your website is choosing a good web designer. Your website is going to be the online face of your organisation, which will be a determining factor in attracting new customers.

It is vital to hire a web design agency that taps your target audience accurately and helps you achieve your business goals. Here are 9 factors you should consider to ensure you are making the right decision:  

1. Experience in the Industry

Check if the web design agency you are considering hiring is familiar with your industry. Even if they have completed a single project with an organisation similar to yours, they can be a good choice for you. 

This is not to say that it is a bad idea to hire an agency that does not have the know-how of your industry, but it could make your experience more time-consuming. Hiring a firm that has worked with a business like yours will make your overall experience easier and smoother. 

2. Extent of Services

When looking for a web design company, it would be beneficial to know whether they can do related work, such as create SEO-optimised content, run a social media marketing campaign, and so on. These tasks complement web designing well and can result in better overall online presence for your company. 

Go for a web design agency that offers a complete package in terms of designers, developers and marketers. A web designing company that offers these services, along with design, can turn your website into a marketing powerhouse. 

3. Portfolio

An agency with a detailed portfolio of their experience with past clients should be preferable. Portfolios do not have to be fancy, but they can simply consist of different links leading to their work.  

New web design companies may also be efficient, but hiring them is a gamble. New designers may have knowledge and talent, but they lack the expertise of experienced designers. The agency’s previous work can tell you a good deal about its team and whether they would be a suitable choice for you.  

Check if the websites they have worked on in the past are well designed and easy to use. You can also figure out whether the featured clients seem similar to you in terms of size. 

4. Pricing

The price charged by web design agencies depends on a number of factors, including their location. It is best to decide on a budget before surveying web designers, and then stick to your range. 

Be aware of agencies that offer you a dirt-cheap price. An agency offering rates well below the market price may not handle your work competently and leave some loopholes. 

5. Website Maintenance

Many web design agencies offer services to keep your website maintained. It is vital to know what to expect once they are done designing your website. 

Ask whether the agency will help with website launches and facilitate in maintaining the site. It would be wise to choose an agency that offers an affordable maintenance plan.

6. Time Commitment 

Ask your web design agency how they manage their time and whether they can provide you with a timeline for the completion of your project. Moreover, you need to know whether they can keep up to date with your evolving requirements. 

Go for an agency that gives you a fixed start date and a suitable timeframe to complete your work.

7. Interaction with the Team

It is important to learn how the company would interact with you. Face-to-face meetings are usually the best option as it enables a more personal interaction. It also helps build trust and strengthens the relationship between a client and their agency. 

If geographical distance does not permit face-to-face meetings, it would be a good idea to visit the company office when reviewing the proposal. This way, you will be able to see their working space and personally meet the team that is working on your project. Face-to-face interaction will also help you judge their approach. Check whether they ask for details about your company or immediately launch into a hard sell. 

You also need to know who your contact person would be. If you are struggling with something or want to contact someone, who will you get in touch with? 

There is a need to understand whether the agency you have chosen will work well with the structure of your organisation. Look into whether the agency’s team is flexible and willing to consider the ideas of your stakeholders. 

8. Up to Date with the Latest Trends

Check if the company has scope to grow. You can ensure this by finding out how the agency invests in its employees by providing them with opportunities, such as seminars, workshops and classes. 

Web design and digital marketing are rapidly evolving fields, making it vital for web designing agencies to stay abreast of the latest trends, market research and tactics. Try to find out if the design team is up to date with the industry trends. Do they read industry-related blogs or listen to industry-related podcasts? 

9. Feedback from Previous Clients

Check out the agency’s online reviews to read previous client feedback. Most agencies feature a review section where you can see what their past clients had to say about them.

Note down the positive aspects that are highlighted in the reviews, such as timeliness, communication, and friendliness. Check if these are the qualities you prioritise before you finally hire the services of the agency. 

Make sure the web designers are aware of the importance of conversions. A good team knows just what it takes to convert online visitors into regular clients. A web design agency that covers all your requirements is essential for a strong and effective web presence of your business.