The recent pandemic has largely influenced the worldwide car industry and to better manage the situation, most dealerships have turned to the online platform.

A strong Internet presence is crucial for a car dealer to boost sales and clientele in today’s digital market. Whether you want to do it on your own or seek the assistance of Digital Rescue, a renowned Melbourne car dealer web design agency, setting up a website is one of the easiest, most practical, and immediate alternatives you can make for your car dealership.

You have access to an almost limitless audience of potential buyers thanks to the power of the internet. Every day, millions of individuals use the internet for various purposes, including shopping for the best car deals.

Furthermore, despite COVID-19, people still need to buy and sell automobiles, which is why building a highly-optimised website is important.


How Does a Car Dealership Website Work?

A car dealership website is essential for everyone who owns or manages a car dealership. The success of an agency can be determined by the type of website it has.

People today prefer to experience car sales from the convenience of their own homes. Consumers are now interested in YouTube videos that discuss design, features, and road tests; these videos then direct viewers to car dealing websites.

The various features and functionality found on car dealership websites make it easier for customers to choose their ideal vehicle. Customers do not need to take notes because they may compare various automobiles, features, or even designs in one tab with a tonne of car images and videos.

With the wishlist feature, users can also keep track of their favourite listings and receive notifications when the price, an offer, or new listings are available.

Additionally, buyers now have the opportunity to reserve a car directly through their mobile devices. They may also ask questions about a vehicle or provide feedback without leaving their homes.

This feature enables a user to capitalise on the developing trend fully. The internet allows people to do things like book cars without trekking for kilometres to get there. Mobile phones can allow consumers to browse websites for car showrooms from the comfort of their homes.


Why Having a Car Dealership Website Is Important?

It might not appear like car businesses are the best choices for online marketing. That is incorrect, and the opposite is actually true. Car dealerships, particularly small used car dealerships, must actively use a website to sell their cars, communicate with potential customers, and close the deal once the customer arrives. Websites and internet marketing are crucial to the entire car-buying process in the twenty-first century. Here are three explanations for why car dealers ought to have websites:

Dealers Can Spend More Time With Qualified Leads Using Websites

A website also allows dealers to thoroughly screen potential buyers before meeting them. Most dealership websites have a contact form for each vehicle, which may be a great method to speak with potential consumers and get information about them.

In addition to offering excellent customer service, dealers can utilise the data to let potential customers know when there are no cars available at the time they need them and to help them find the right car when that is possible.

Dealerships can better serve the demands of the small percentage of shoppers who are prepared to spend money on a car by speaking with prospective buyers online and spending less time with those who aren’t actually interested in buying.

People Depend On Search Engines and Mobile Web to Locate Dealers

Finding nearby dealerships to visit has been drastically altered by the internet. Dealers used to rely on signage and windshield prices to entice customers to their lots. While these strategies are still effective, most people use Google Maps to find specific dealerships before visiting. Potential customers may pass it by if a smaller car dealer’s operation doesn’t appear in local search results.

The most crucial component of selling a car today is internet marketing. Online information can entice customers to the dealership and persuade them to sign the contract. However, if a dealership’s website doesn’t include everything consumers want, they risk losing them to rival dealerships’ websites. Auto dealers should assess their website to ensure that it meets the goals that clients want from it.


Benefits of Having a Website for your Car Dealership

Building a website for your dealership is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a car dealer for having a car dealership website:

It Makes Customers Aware of Your Car Dealership

How do you go about making your purchases? A search on the Internet is typically the initial step.

As a result, car dealerships with a dealer website and good search engine visibility, like Google or Bing, stand a better chance of attracting attention to themselves, their offer, and attracting clients.

Whether you run a locally focused car dealership or provide services across multiple regions, if you cannot be found online, you simply do not exist. Although this seems harsh, it is the current reality.

It’s Visible and Accessible 24/7

Thanks to your car dealership website, you are somewhat independent of business hours. As a result, you are reachable 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Your website lets interested parties and potential clients learn more about your business, your products and services, and any current promotions.

Brings In More Clients

Even though having a physical car dealership can offer you, everyday customers, these are almost certainly only locals.

Instead of just the regular locals, a website will let many people view your shop. If you have amazing deals and high-quality vehicles, customers may go to your shop rather than one close to them.

Helps To Get More Sales

if a larger number of individuals visit your website. In the end, it implies that you will generate more sales. Customers can’t make purchases from your dealership online, but they may compare prices, reserve listings, and ultimately determine if you offer the best value for making the purchase.

As a business owner, you can also compare prices if you have a website. You can search online for other car dealers. It can help you determine what needs to be improved to have the most competitive prices.

Saves You Time With Indecisive Customers

One of the biggest advantages of having a website is that most customers who visit your dealership are already certain they want to buy a car. It will enable you to secure sales while saving you time dealing with indecisive customers.

People can learn about the pricing ranges you cover, the varieties of cars you sell, and the other services you might offer by visiting your website. These potential customers will come back to your store later with predetermined purchases. It simplifies their decision-making and boosts your sales!


Tips on Building a Highly-Optimised Car Dealer Website

What should you do now that you know how important a website is? It is your responsibility as a car dealership to wow the consumer and offer them a one-stop shop for all their automotive needs. How do you accomplish that?

Here are essential tips on building a highly-optimised car dealer website:

Responsiveness is a Key Feature

We already know that most prospective buyers explore various car dealership websites on their mobile phones. Therefore your website needs to work well on all platforms, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other comparable devices.

It is less likely that your website will appear in Google’s search engine results if it is not user-responsive. Because Google currently accounts for more than 60% of all car searches, the search engine rewards responsive websites.

Incorporate Proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the most important factor in increasing website traffic. All the information needed, colours, fonts, and visual appeal can help your site be effectively optimised. You must improve your dealership’s ranking in local search page results. You can even list yourself in directories of local car dealerships.

The first step to generating more leads and conversions is improving your SEO performance. You must provide the manufacturer’s name in your search listings, for example, if you are selling a Toyota. Your dealership listing should be visible to those looking for a Toyota.

Optimise Your Landing Page

Many car dealerships have the right landing pages but are missing several crucial components necessary to increase website traffic. Incorrect meta tags and titles, as one example. For instance, if a dealership sells used Ford cars, Ford cannot be the only word in the meta title. It needs to say “Used Fords.” 

Additionally, you should include the location, e.g., “Used Fords in New York,” if you are selling in a specific location.  By correctly classifying your landing pages into several groups, you may improve them even more.

‘Used vehicles,’ ‘old cars,’ ‘vintage cars,’ and ‘new cars,’ for instance. These categories need relevant CTA buttons that are noticeable enough to draw customers in.

Feature Catalogue of Cars for Sale

You must feature a catalogue of all the cars available at your dealership on your website. TIn order to grab the interest of your potential buyers, each car needs to have a concise description written in an engaging manner. Include any distinctive qualities or features of the car that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Use High-Quality Images

The vehicle’s condition can make a difference when persuading a buyer to buy a car. Because of this, the images of the car must be crystal clear and of the highest quality, showcasing the interior and bodywork from every angle.

Add All Your Dealership’s Relevant Information

You must ensure that your dealership’s website contains all pertinent and readily available information. Your contact information should be visible to anyone visiting your website so they may reach you right away.

Without relevant details, customers can visit a website run by a competitor. Your relevant data includes:

  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Business Hours
  • Email Address or Contact Form
  • Vehicle Inquiry Form

Ask For Reviews and Recommendations

Asking for feedback from previous clients is the next action you should take. Potential clients are more likely to believe the reviews of previous customers than your marketing as they begin the car-buying process. 

As a result, you should work on obtaining favourable reviews and recommendations from your previous clients. In addition to Google My Business, you should also encourage satisfied clients to submit reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and other review websites. Consider sending personalised emails and providing a reward for reviews. 


Build an Exceptional Car Dealership Website Today!

A website that connects your business to clients is crucial in today’s modern world. Your business will greatly benefit if you build a good car dealership website.

Get in touch with Digital Rescue, the leading car dealer web design agency in Melbourne, to learn more about our outstanding websites that draw in the ideal audience if you want to set a standard in your industry. Fill out our enquiry form to book a free chemistry call today!