Rescue Act Number Seven:

The next in our continuing series of expert blogs which identify key areas which assist business websites to work as effectively as possible…

If you go to buy a broadsheet newspaper then it’s likely to be folded when you pick it up from the rack, box or counter. Knowing this, the publishers will have focused their efforts on ensuring that what appears above this fold is going to persuade you to purchase and read their product.

Now, obviously (at least not yet – who knows in the future) the screens of the devices used to access your business website don’t fold over in half! However, to an extent, the same principle still applies. For most, if not all such sites, to fully appreciate the content, the visitor is going to have to be encouraged to scroll down any page – even more so when accessing via a mobile device.

It’s therefore vital that, like the top half of the newspaper page, your website grabs a visitor’s attention and encourages them to take this scrolling action. Of course, it’s equally true that a newspaper will flag up key content on other pages to encourage engagement, and this is another act your website also needs to undertake.

Engagement Achieved?

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